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Rise of The Witnesses | Book 1

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Betrayal and tragedy stole everything from her.

Life has not been kind to Ayela, an orphan girl surviving in the greatest city of the known world. She finds solace in friendship, but the city’s corruption infects all. What little she has will soon be ripped away.

She must adapt or perish.

When all seems lost, the God of Death and Desire offers her aid. But his help always carries a cost. Will she endure the lure of his addictive magic? Will she protect the one she cares for most? Or will something sinister drive her down dark paths to uncertain futures?

Rise of The Witnesses is a dark fantasy novel. It is the first book in the adult fantasy series, Albrene Chronicles. It is full of adventure, mystery, violence, and corruption. This novel sets the stage for many of the events that will take place in the following books and short stories that will come. The short stories of this blog all take place in the world of this book and are set prior to the beginning of Rise of The Witnesses.

Currently, this fantasy novel a work in progress. Though I do not yet have a firm release date, I have finished the third draft and am now in the second round of beta reading. I plan to open the book to pre-orders later this year and publish spring 2023. This date may change based on several factors.

Tropes you can expect?

  • Found Family
  • Pantheon of Gods
  • The Underdog MC
  • Evil is Sexy
  • Elemental Magic

Why Dark Fantasy?

I chose the genre of dark fantasy because I don’t shy away from harsh realities. I explore the consequences of actions and I delve into dark themes such as death, addiction, child abuse, abandonment and corruption. These themes would not fit well in any other genre.

Magic In My Fantasy Novel

Magic shouldn’t be a crutch or source of limitless power. I use a hard magic system. This means the magic in my fantasy novel has laws and limits that I never break, much like physics have laws. A character breaking these laws results in their immediate, painful and often grisly death. I created these laws to prohibit myself from falling into the trap of “magic will fix it,” and to eliminate the question “why didn’t they just use magic?”

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